The plastic free fjords

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  • To feel like you can conquer the world, on top of it all 
    - Yet. Feeling how fragile we are, looking towards the fjords


    I guess I didn't realize how beautiful Norway was until I moved back. Until I could smell my own home again. My street. This place.

    The freshness of the air, the clean water, the pure lakes. Seeing the foggy mountains during winter while at summer sensing calmness over endless days. Every corner has its own sparkle. Every valley has its own glow. The peaceful beauty of it all makes me proud to live in a country where we take care of our resources. Where we think of the consequences before we act. Where neigbours get together to pick up trash, "dugnad" its called. Where we protect and watch over everything living.


    At least thats what we've been told.  


    Deep down it scares me a lot. Imagining that earth itself, Mother Nature, can be gone. That it all stops, that everything changes. 


    What scares me the most, striking me deeper than heartbreaking, is that we ourselves can be the reason to let it all go.


    Maybe it won't disappear. Maybe it will turn into some kind of home. Something unfamiliar. Where in the future they will have fairytales about us. The generation that stopped it all. The times where they could run outside, worrying only about what their next meal would be. The times when they fought about lands. About resources they didn't really need. When they had so much, but yet, too little.


    The greedy and the poor


    Picture found in google

    Picture from boredpanda.com

    Picture from boredpanda.com

    This week I found a new hobby. Writing it down here makes it more real.


    Picking. up. trash.  


    Norway is a country with a long coast. We see the impacts of not caring about our actions. The impact of useless plastic. The impacts of throwing trash in the ocean. The impacts of buying to much and recycling to little.


    This week me and two other sweet girls went to the closest beach we knew, not to enjoy the summer afternoon. But to pick up trash. A typical little Norwegian beach, approximately 15 meters long. 5 meters wide. At first, we thought it wasn't much trash to pick up. We thought we had to go somewhere further away. Somewhere closer to the ocean. Yet, at once we started looking - we didn't see any end of it all. Pieces of plastic everywhere.


    The closer we looked, the more we found. 


    Three people and it only took us one hour to almost fill up a big bag. Of pure trash. Tiny pieces everywhere. Whats the worst? The pieces doesn't come from people spending time on this beach. The trash comes from the ocean. Plastic ropes everywhere. Straws everywhere. Different kind of plastic packaging, all smoldered up in miniature pieces. Everywhere


    Impossible to see - but clearly all around. 


    All mixed up into the nature, making it impossible to find. Yet everything around was stuck. Like the plastic ropes where strangling life itself out from what was truly alive. The only thing living.

    It felt impossible but yet great to be at the beginning of this road. At my own start. Cause I will go further.


    I cannot not do no more. I cannot just hear about this. 



    Look at this amazing view. Almost 1200 meters over sea level. Far into the wild. Literally no other civilization than hikers around. 


    Take a look deeper into the picture and you will find that its not only the ocean that is in harm. 





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  • Leftovers lunchy

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  • If theres one thing I have become much better in - it is to love to make food with the lefties in the fridge instead of leaving it to die alone. Before I threw away food like a Norwegian food store. But now I luckily know much better then they do! 



    As long as you always keep essentials - there will be a bunch of stuff you can do with dying veggies. After a weekend hiking I literally did not have any veggies in my fridge - luckily my mom brought me her veggies before going on holiday so I got some broccoli and sweet paprika to make the rest of what I already had in my fridge. As long as you always keep some essentials and get a good rutine on what to do with them - you'll do miracles in an empty kitchen. Or to use dying veggies even if it means you need to buy some small ingredients to make the meal even greater.



    The meal I made over was super simple, and maybe a bit boring if I didn't make a delicous tahini dressing to give it a great flavor. I have just started making dressing with tahini, and omg I am hooked. If you dont want to make tahini yourself you can buy it in the store, but its super simple and all you need is sesame seeds and some tbs of olive oil. The best part is that it can be in the fridge for up to a month and you can make a bunch of healthy dressing. I will come back to this in another blog post. BUT dont go and buy tahini without knowing what to do with it, cause if your not a peanut butter kind of person (like me) your not gonna like the flavor. But as a supplement to make delicious dressing and sauces its absolutely PERFECT. 



    So what is my necessities in the kitchen? 


    My essentials to always have in my kitchen for dinner preparation:
    Lots of different dry foods like:
    - legumes
    - quinoa
    - wholegrain pasta
    - wholegrain rice
    - coconut milk
    - tomato sauce
    - vegan option for white cream
    - tortillas  <3
    - my favorite spices
    - Curry paste


    When it comes to fresh foods I always need: 
    - garlic
    - avocado
    - tomato
    And I always try to have greens and root vegetables

    Keeping at least one packet of each and buying more before I go empty will give me the option to always be able to make delicious and healthy meals with the vegetables that are screaming to be used. As well as having different options regarding of what I really want to eat that day. Which for me is important - cause I always like to eat delicious and clean meals. 


    && What do I use these essentials for?


    Legumes: This is probably the biggest necessity since I use this as complement to every dinner (at least 95% of them). And trust me, its not as boring as it sounds. But if you refuse, theres nothing wrong to change it for meat - as long as your focus is on greens!


    Quinoa and wholegrain rice: With these I can make delicious wok recipes or just veggie bowls with both colorful veggies and spicy legumes. Its all about the spices! I use these foods to complement with more protein and calories. If you eat meat and want to loose weight I would go for a tiny portion of quinoa and focus more on solely greens. 


    The best thing I know about cooking with vegetables is that together they make a great flavor, the more the better!


    Wholegrain pasta: Theres nothing like a vegan pasta. With tomato sauce or white cream you can make the greatest dish. Spice the sauce up with garlic, onion, pepper, oregano, fresh leaves or whatever you have/like. Just mix in those delicious vegetables. My favorite is lots of mushrooms and white cream sauce. Yum! I am not so much into the bolognese, but with carrots I am all in! If I have a lot of carrots left - this is definitely the way to use them. Throw in some kidney beans and spinach and you have a great meal. For me it gives me a little less of the warm tomato flavor. Which I like, since I rather prefer my tomato cold. Tastebuds. 


    Coconut milk/curry paste: This is probably what I use the most for leftover food prep. Its not a necessity to use curry paste - but I think it makes it even simpler if you want that spicy Indian kind of stew. I always cook the coco milk with garlic, curry paste or other spices before putting all the veggies and legumes that I want in it. The more the better. Potatoes, broccoli, kale, carrots, lentils, paprika. Just put it all in. It will taste delicious! If you need to complement use rice or quinoa.


    Red curry dish


    Green curry dish

    Tortillas: If I have a lot of salad left tortillas will make a good Mexican buddah bowl, or just a normal tortilla (this is sooo my favorite meal). Making guacamole with lime, and complementing with spiced black beans or chickpeas (does not necessarily need to be taco spices), green leafs, rice, paprika, cucumber, corn. You name it. If I have potatoes I cook them (or fry in the oven) to have as a delicious snack on the side. Another favorite here is to make a spicy tomato salad as well as the guacamole! YUM!


    Or just a simple wrap for an not so hungry stomach


    Or a big bowl of all the goodies...


    What is your essential foods in the kitchen?



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  • Free your mind

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  • Wherever you are - be truly there



    When I came back from a semester of studying in Nicaragua, one of the poorest countries in Latin America, I came back home to Norway with so much more experience and knowledge. I had this strong connection with understanding our culture and unnecessary waste of resources. How almost everyone, no matter the income, had a house filled with stuff. Including myself. Stuff. Stuff that would rarely be touched and eventually be thrown out - only to buy something new that would never be used. I got this great understanding, a strong connection for why happiness was not defined by things. Neither money.  


    The first week of my stay in Nicaragua someone stole all my make up.. Everything. The whole bag! The funniest part? It was no make-up stores around, so I didn't have the possibility to buy new! Therefor, I ended up not being able to put make up on my face for the whole semester. What a cliche! But for me it was a big struggle at the time. I have never had a smooth skin which has always been my biggest struggle. Make up was super important for my wellbeing.


    - At least I thought!


    It didn't take me long before I realized that people didn't really noticed my imperfections. People looked at me the same way and "the not wearing make-up" didn't make me feel "less pretty". It eventually just made me feel lighter, purer.. It made me feel things that was more important - probably because I didn't constantly worry about how I looked. It released me from a lot of unnecessary behaviors. It felt good! 



    To Nicaragua we only brought a backpack with the most necessary stuff. The only new clothes we could buy was from used stores (if we didn't travel far away). Clothes that was absolutely perfect! It was always a treasure hunt! I truly miss those little stores - and all the vegetarian hostels with so much great vegan food.

    Cause YES, it was here my love for food and the understanding of how it not only gives you a satisfaction - but also fulfilling you with all that you need to be healthy and alive. With a lot of vegetarian options and new vegan friends I slowly started to be aware of what food meant to both my body and the environment. Knowing that where I was living in the moment, food was a mager issue for many.


    How could we eat ourself to death on foods that where bad for us when some people didn't even have healthy options? Some didn't even have enough money for food! 


    When I came home I only wanted ecologic food and refused to eat anything else. Though I slowly was forces not to, due to its expensiveness and lack of options (this was almost 7 years ago). Yet, two months later I started studying my bachelor in nutrition. I needed to know more!


    I remember clearly the day I met my best friend after coming home from Nicaragua - telling her all my epiphanies. That now, coming back from this lifestyle, I wanted to keep living the same way. That I was scarred I would eventually become my old me again. I guess I feared it more then I followed my wish, cause I eventually did. I became "myself" again. The lightness and joyful way of living went away while the daily struggles and distant from life itself came back while I was again desperately trying to fit into this society. Unknowingly. Buying new clothes, not caring about the impacts of my own actions, making up my face to cover what I feared the most. My imperfections. So egocentric. 



    Well, luckily I slowly changed into better. Again. Though I I think I still have a long way to go to live the way I think is right for both myself and this beautiful planet. My epiphanies becomes stronger every time I connect with nature. I dont need to travel far away to see the world, to then realize how lucky I am - how much more grateful I should be. I can still feel it, with just a little break from the pressure of society. 

    For me, nature truly helps me to stay strong. To become stronger. Less vulnerable. More careless of others opinion. More aware of what I want and not for what people wants from me. I just need to listen carefully as I walk through the beauty of this world as my inner voice gets loader. 


    I will become more materialistic 


    I will become even more grateful


    I will start being more in the now


    I will start loving more deeply - all that I love


    I will stop fearing & start following my dreams, and I won't stop



    What do you wish for in life? 



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