Broccoli salad

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  • If your trying to eat healthier - broccoli should be on top of your grocery list. Together with the other vegetables in the cruciferous family (kale, cauliflower, cabbage, bok choy etc,.). Their full of nutrients while low on calories. Can we ask for anything better? 


    My favorite recipes are always simple. This broccoli salad is definitely one of them. It tastes super delicious while being easy peasy to make. 



    You can use this recipe as a side dish or alone. I love this meal so much that when I make it I make for plenty of days to come. On the third day I made it in a wrap together with falafel - and it was super delicious..


    All you need for this broccoli salad is:

    - 1 broccoli
    - 1 dl raisins
    - 1/2 red onion (or shallot)
    - 1 dl pine nuts
    - Two good handfuls of spinach
    - 2 dl mayonnaise (I use vegan). Optional:  3 dl creme fraiche (or vegan options) 
    - 1 tbsp eple cider vinagre. Optional: If your using creme fraiche instead of mayo, switch this for lemon juice


    What to do:

    1. Wash and cut the broccoli. You can decide to eat it raw or cook it for some minutes. I like to steam it a bit to make it a BIT softer then the raw type - but still having it crispy enough.
    2. Cut the onion and mix it into the steamed broccoli together with raisins and spinach. 
    3. Mix the mayo together with a spoon of eple cider vinagre and mix it into the salad. 
    4. Drizzle over the pine nuts on top and dig in or bring for lunch to school/work. 

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  • Publisert: 29.09.2018, 23:47
  • Kategori: Salater

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