The plastic free fjords

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  • To feel like you can conquer the world, on top of it all 
    - Yet. Feeling how fragile we are, looking towards the fjords


    I guess I didn't realize how beautiful Norway was until I moved back. Until I could smell my own home again. My street. This place.

    The freshness of the air, the clean water, the pure lakes. Seeing the foggy mountains during winter while at summer sensing calmness over endless days. Every corner has its own sparkle. Every valley has its own glow. The peaceful beauty of it all makes me proud to live in a country where we take care of our resources. Where we think of the consequences before we act. Where neigbours get together to pick up trash, "dugnad" its called. Where we protect and watch over everything living.


    At least thats what we've been told.  


    Deep down it scares me a lot. Imagining that earth itself, Mother Nature, can be gone. That it all stops, that everything changes. 


    What scares me the most, striking me deeper than heartbreaking, is that we ourselves can be the reason to let it all go.


    Maybe it won't disappear. Maybe it will turn into some kind of home. Something unfamiliar. Where in the future they will have fairytales about us. The generation that stopped it all. The times where they could run outside, worrying only about what their next meal would be. The times when they fought about lands. About resources they didn't really need. When they had so much, but yet, too little.


    The greedy and the poor


    Picture found in google

    Picture from boredpanda.com

    Picture from boredpanda.com

    This week I found a new hobby. Writing it down here makes it more real.


    Picking. up. trash.  


    Norway is a country with a long coast. We see the impacts of not caring about our actions. The impact of useless plastic. The impacts of throwing trash in the ocean. The impacts of buying to much and recycling to little.


    This week me and two other sweet girls went to the closest beach we knew, not to enjoy the summer afternoon. But to pick up trash. A typical little Norwegian beach, approximately 15 meters long. 5 meters wide. At first, we thought it wasn't much trash to pick up. We thought we had to go somewhere further away. Somewhere closer to the ocean. Yet, at once we started looking - we didn't see any end of it all. Pieces of plastic everywhere.


    The closer we looked, the more we found. 


    Three people and it only took us one hour to almost fill up a big bag. Of pure trash. Tiny pieces everywhere. Whats the worst? The pieces doesn't come from people spending time on this beach. The trash comes from the ocean. Plastic ropes everywhere. Straws everywhere. Different kind of plastic packaging, all smoldered up in miniature pieces. Everywhere


    Impossible to see - but clearly all around. 


    All mixed up into the nature, making it impossible to find. Yet everything around was stuck. Like the plastic ropes where strangling life itself out from what was truly alive. The only thing living.

    It felt impossible but yet great to be at the beginning of this road. At my own start. Cause I will go further.


    I cannot not do no more. I cannot just hear about this. 



    Look at this amazing view. Almost 1200 meters over sea level. Far into the wild. Literally no other civilization than hikers around. 


    Take a look deeper into the picture and you will find that its not only the ocean that is in harm. 





  • Publisert: 08.07.2018, 21:57
  • Kategori: Environment

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