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  • If theres one thing I have become much better in - it is to love to make food with the lefties in the fridge instead of leaving it to die alone. Before I threw away food like a Norwegian food store. But now I luckily know much better then they do! 



    As long as you always keep essentials - there will be a bunch of stuff you can do with dying veggies. After a weekend hiking I literally did not have any veggies in my fridge - luckily my mom brought me her veggies before going on holiday so I got some broccoli and sweet paprika to make the rest of what I already had in my fridge. As long as you always keep some essentials and get a good rutine on what to do with them - you'll do miracles in an empty kitchen. Or to use dying veggies even if it means you need to buy some small ingredients to make the meal even greater.



    The meal I made over was super simple, and maybe a bit boring if I didn't make a delicous tahini dressing to give it a great flavor. I have just started making dressing with tahini, and omg I am hooked. If you dont want to make tahini yourself you can buy it in the store, but its super simple and all you need is sesame seeds and some tbs of olive oil. The best part is that it can be in the fridge for up to a month and you can make a bunch of healthy dressing. I will come back to this in another blog post. BUT dont go and buy tahini without knowing what to do with it, cause if your not a peanut butter kind of person (like me) your not gonna like the flavor. But as a supplement to make delicious dressing and sauces its absolutely PERFECT. 



    So what is my necessities in the kitchen? 


    My essentials to always have in my kitchen for dinner preparation:
    Lots of different dry foods like:
    - legumes
    - quinoa
    - wholegrain pasta
    - wholegrain rice
    - coconut milk
    - tomato sauce
    - vegan option for white cream
    - tortillas  <3
    - my favorite spices
    - Curry paste


    When it comes to fresh foods I always need: 
    - garlic
    - avocado
    - tomato
    And I always try to have greens and root vegetables

    Keeping at least one packet of each and buying more before I go empty will give me the option to always be able to make delicious and healthy meals with the vegetables that are screaming to be used. As well as having different options regarding of what I really want to eat that day. Which for me is important - cause I always like to eat delicious and clean meals. 


    && What do I use these essentials for?


    Legumes: This is probably the biggest necessity since I use this as complement to every dinner (at least 95% of them). And trust me, its not as boring as it sounds. But if you refuse, theres nothing wrong to change it for meat - as long as your focus is on greens!


    Quinoa and wholegrain rice: With these I can make delicious wok recipes or just veggie bowls with both colorful veggies and spicy legumes. Its all about the spices! I use these foods to complement with more protein and calories. If you eat meat and want to loose weight I would go for a tiny portion of quinoa and focus more on solely greens. 


    The best thing I know about cooking with vegetables is that together they make a great flavor, the more the better!


    Wholegrain pasta: Theres nothing like a vegan pasta. With tomato sauce or white cream you can make the greatest dish. Spice the sauce up with garlic, onion, pepper, oregano, fresh leaves or whatever you have/like. Just mix in those delicious vegetables. My favorite is lots of mushrooms and white cream sauce. Yum! I am not so much into the bolognese, but with carrots I am all in! If I have a lot of carrots left - this is definitely the way to use them. Throw in some kidney beans and spinach and you have a great meal. For me it gives me a little less of the warm tomato flavor. Which I like, since I rather prefer my tomato cold. Tastebuds. 


    Coconut milk/curry paste: This is probably what I use the most for leftover food prep. Its not a necessity to use curry paste - but I think it makes it even simpler if you want that spicy Indian kind of stew. I always cook the coco milk with garlic, curry paste or other spices before putting all the veggies and legumes that I want in it. The more the better. Potatoes, broccoli, kale, carrots, lentils, paprika. Just put it all in. It will taste delicious! If you need to complement use rice or quinoa.


    Red curry dish


    Green curry dish

    Tortillas: If I have a lot of salad left tortillas will make a good Mexican buddah bowl, or just a normal tortilla (this is sooo my favorite meal). Making guacamole with lime, and complementing with spiced black beans or chickpeas (does not necessarily need to be taco spices), green leafs, rice, paprika, cucumber, corn. You name it. If I have potatoes I cook them (or fry in the oven) to have as a delicious snack on the side. Another favorite here is to make a spicy tomato salad as well as the guacamole! YUM!


    Or just a simple wrap for an not so hungry stomach


    Or a big bowl of all the goodies...


    What is your essential foods in the kitchen?



  • Publisert: 04.07.2018, 11:13
  • Kategori: Food Prep

    Mathias Folke Nordby

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    Bra innlegg :)

    jeg har lagt ut ny vlog fra i dag. Gjerne ta en titt om du har tid eller har lyst :D <3

    nsker deg en fiin dag videre :D

    Carina Lie

    05.07.2018 kl.09:43

    Du har s bra blogg og skriver utrolig bra innlegg! Lykke til videre og ha en fin dag :D

    Henriette Thorkildsen

    05.07.2018 kl.23:04

    Carina Lie: Takk og det samme til ste deg! <3 :-D

    Seline Ekelund

    07.07.2018 kl.13:54

    Det s utrooolig godt ut!

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