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    Oatmeal is one of my favorite meal and a definite essential on my plant based diet. Packed with lots of nutrients and good quality protein I can eat this with both a sweet tooth and good conscience. If you leave the oats in water overnight it is also easier for your body to digest the nutrients - including iron. Not to mention that this bowl is heavenly for the tastebuds. Have to admit that this is binged on in front of Netflix and Gaia quite often <3 My boyfriend is pretty awesome in the kitchen but somehow he always needs me to make this goodie bowl for him. 



    All you need to do:

    1. Cut and mash 1/2 banana into 1 dl of oatmeal. The banana works as your sweetener and I wouldn't change it with any other. 

    2. Cook the oats with either plant milk or water (or both)

    3. If you want more energy & protein you can use a scoop of protein powder when you cook the oats. I would recommend to use vegan protein or hemp.

    4. When the oats are well cooked, either in a pan or in the micro, I sprinkle over the seeds, fruits and berries I have in the fridge. Normally chia and flax seed, frozen berry mix and a whole apple. On top I definitely need a splash of cinnamon.



    It tastes absolutely heavenly. How do you like your oats? <3


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    28.06.2018 kl.10:06

    nam det s utrolig godt ut :D <3 takk for oppskrift. bladde nedover bloggen din og tror jammen meg jeg vil begynne og flge den s spennende blogg ut :D

    Henriette Thorkildsen

    03.07.2018 kl.14:01

    Evelin: S utrolig kjekt hre Evelin <3 Varmer et engasjert hjerte! :-D

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