The only thing you should know about loosing weight

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  • Many studies show that the most people dieting just loose a bit of weight before they gain it right back. You've probably heard about this before. The truth is. We've been giving a lot of misinformation - mostly from the greedy companies wanting to earn more money! Companies selling "health" products and labeling foods with low fat, low carb, zero sugar etc, etc. THIS DOES NOT MEAN IT IS HEALTHY. Going on a diet means choosing either to go trough eating either low fat or high fat diets, low carb or high protein diets. Even low calorie diets or diets where you replace meals with shakes like Herbalife. And for what? Only to suffer through the day and most likely end up gaining more weight than before. Or you will see results but your diet still makes you unhappy - likely because your not giving your body all the nutrients it needs and your just sick of eating the same or being deficient in energy. But listen carefully. You can & definitely should eat both carbs, fat and protein - without worrying about gaining weight! It all depends on what food you eat.

    Diet is out. Healthy lifestyle is in!



    Why doesn't diet work for everyone? I guess the honest answer is that most people can't stick to them for a longer period - and why should you? Diet is not supposed to be forever - its only for an amount of time before you get back to your old lifestyle - where sadly many people starts eating the same way they did  before. Hence to that they never really learned how to actually eat healthy. Those that manage to stick to a diet is likely to be more in control, having really systematic ways of living and those desperate to look a certain way. BUT. Dieting is not the healthiest way of living and trust me - even though someone is lean and ripped does not mean their healthier on the inside. I am neither the control freak or obsessed with looking fit - but I have been on the same path and it didn't make me either happy or healthy.



    Luckily I learned that healthy is a lifestyle and not a diet. That being lean does not mean that you need to eat restrictive. That being pleased with yourself comes from the inside and not from what your eyes see in the mirror. That feeding your body is feeding your mind & your soul so that you can be in true balance with yourself and then others. That eating clean and healthy foods gives you a glow that purely comes from within and not from the creams you use. Focusing on becoming someone, and not looking a specific way. I have never been happier with myself or in life and I have never been more balanced - both on the outside and from within. 



    I am still on the road to the healthiest me - the happiest me and the more balanced me. Its a daily adventure of finding new systematic ways of living that benefits myself and my life with the once I love.


    Theres a few things I always have in mind:

    1. Drinking enough water
    2. Eating the rainbow of veggies, fruits, legumes, seeds, whole foods and nuts
    3. Eating intuitive, eating when I am hungry, stopping when I am full
    4. Giving my body time to fast whenever I wake up and dont feel true hunger
    5. Not giving myself the feeling of guilt if I binge in unhealthy snacks. But as well staying focused on what my body needs and not going overboard.
    6. Letting my body rest when its tired as well as keeping it active enough when its energized
    7. Being true and kind with myself knowing that great changes takes time. Time that is necessary and can be highly joyful. Enjoy the ride!  


    Do you have anything to add to my list? 
    Wishing everyone the best week <3 This weekend I am going on my yearly adventure to one of my favorite views in Norway. Can you guess where that is?


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  • Publisert: 25.06.2018, 14:20
  • Kategori: Ernæringsprat

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